Speaking Engagements

I'm a software engineer who enjoys sharing my expertise with other developers and providing resources to make contributing to open-source more approachable. I have spoken about various Jamstack technologies such as React, MDX, GraphQL, Git/GitHub in various formats including in-depth workshops, conference talks, podcasts and screencasts.

In 2020, I was selected to be an inaugural GitHub Star 🌟 based on my involvement in the tech community. My interest in the React ecosystem in particular led me to launch React Ladies, a community for women and non-binary ReactJS developers.

Interesting in having me speak at an upcoming event or workshop? Send me a message.

Monica speaking at React Conf

Upcoming Engagements

Render ATL Ticket icon
June 1st-4th, 2022, Atlanta, Georgia

Previous Engagements

Frontend Horse's Holiday Snowtacular Link icon 
Animating a Snowglobe with CSS
December 2021, Cyberspace

React Robins Link icon 
Getting Started with Open Source
October 2021, Cyberspace

GitHub Universe Link icon 
Using Code as Documentation to Save Time and Share Context
October 2021, Cyberspace

Jamstack Conf Link icon 
Workshop: Building Modern Websites with GatsbyJS
October 2021, Cyberspace

Barnard College Link icon 
Career Insights: Computing/Data Science Panel
September 2021, Cyberspace

FSJam Podcast Link icon 
Open Source Education
April 2021, Cyberspace

Apollo Days Link icon 
Dynamic Authoring with MDX
November, 10th, 2020, Cyberspace

Ladybug Podcast Link icon 
Git & GitHub
November, 2020, Cyberspace

Write/Speak/Code (NYC and Austin) Link icon 
Getting Started With Open Source
October, 20th, 2020, Cyberspace

Jamstack Conf Link icon 
Workshop: Getting Started with GatsbyJS
October 2020, Cyberspace

Learn with Jason Link icon 
Webmention + Next.js
October 2020, Cyberspace

Management of Software Development Course at Yale School of Management
Using GitHub for Collaboration Q&A
September 2020, Cyberspace

Hanselminutes Podcast Link icon 
Leaning Into Learning In Public
September 2020, Cyberspace

MDXConf Link icon Video icon
Migrating to MDX
August 2020, Cyberspace

React Rally Link icon 
Keeping Server-Side Rendering Cool With React Hydration
August 2020, Cyberspace

GraphQL Summit Link icon 
Learning GraphQL Panel
July 2020, Cyberspace

IncludeJS Link icon 
Discussion about JavaScript and automation walkthrough + demo
July 2020, Cyberspace

Egghead Podcast Link icon Video icon
Personal Growth From Open-Source And Meetups
December 2019, Cyberspace

Barnard College
Career Insights Panel: Creative & Front End Tech
October 2019, New York, NY

React Conf Link icon Video icon
Git is Hard but Time Traveling in Git Isn't (⚡)
October 2019, Henderson, Nevada

useReact NYC Link icon 
Automate Your React Workflow
June 2019, New York, NY

ReactJS Girls Conference Link icon Video icon
Automate Your React Workflow
May 2019, London, UK

Barnard College
Women in Tech Panel
April 2019, New York, NY

Women Who Code NYC Link icon 
Git is Hard but Time Traveling in Git Isn't (⚡)
March 2019, New York, NY

Flatiron School
Women Trailblazers in Tech
March 2019, Brooklyn, NY

Columbia University
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Alumni Panel
February 2019, New York, NY

Girl Develop It Link icon 
A Day in the Life Panel: Career Changers Edition
November 2018, New York, NY

Codeland Conf Link icon 
Technical Blogging with Jekyll Workshop
May 2018, New York, NY

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