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Free Software & Services for Students

Monica Powell

I always enjoy finding a good deal! I sat down to compile a list of free resources related to technology for students. You can view my older posts that lists out free web development resources (for everyone) here.

Having an e-mail address that ends with ‘.edu’ comes with its perks. Please note that some of these offers require your institution to be enrolled in the program but others are open to all students and even instructors. Each website will tell you any specific requirements that you need to qualify to receive the free product/service.

Amazon Prime (6 Month)* | Not 100% tech related but who can beat free same-day delivery!

Autodesk |Are you an aspiring designer, engineer, digital artist, maker, other? Autodesk believes in you, so we’re giving you free access to the tools you need to succeed.

Azure | Create Prototypes of Websites & Apps Without Coding

Bitbucket | Collaborate on code and manage your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team

Dreamspark | Registering for Microsoft’s Dreamspark Student Developer program includes various software and a free subscription to Pluralsight. Pluralsight features expert-led tech and creative training to master your craft. Unlimited and online. An online version of Microsoft Office is also free for students at various institutions.

Fetch (Mac Software) | Your best friend for file transfer.

Intel Software Tools | Intel supports the next generation scientists and engineers through ensuring students have free access to the select Intel® Software Development Products. All products include user forum support.

IU Editor | IUEditor is an advanced website builder. You can develop a website simply by using drag-and-drop. IUEditor supports various devices (phone, tablet and desktop), custom animation and back-end systems including Django, AngularJS and WordPress.

JetBrains | Are you learning Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C or .NET technologies? Or maybe you just plan to? Do it right from the start, with award-winning professional developer tools from JetBrains. And the best part: it’s free of charge

Namecheap Domain Name | For a limited time, Namecheap is giving students a free bundle to kickstart their online presence.

Prezi |The presentation software for when it matters

Producteev |Get things done wherever you go with the world’s best task manager app. Producteev is simple, powerful and so much more than an online to-do list. It’s helped hundreds of thousands of teams work faster with better results.

RipTiger | RipTiger is a user-friendly program that automatically downloads any and all video that you watch in your browser. It will enable you to download all the online video materials you need, with ease and convenience.

Solid Edge Student Edition |By leveraging synchronous technology within Solid Edge, you can focus on learning engineering principles and not on the CAD system. Included is the same core functionality used by leading engineers so you can create all types of projects — from machines to stylized products.

What are your favorite free tools to use? Are there any that you think I should add to this list?

This article was published on February 05, 2016.

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