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Visualize Data Structures, Algorithms and Regular Expressions

Monica Powell

Visualize Data Structures, Algorithms and Regular Expressions

I wanted to recommend two websites (VISUALGO.net and RegExr.com) that have helped me with learning data structures, algorithms, and regular expressions.


Visualgo.net helped me get through my Data Structures in Java class this past semester. This website allows you to walk through visualizations of popular data structures (linked list, hash tables, and algorithms (i.e., sorting) . You can use either pre-set data or input your own data. I found visualgo especially useful when with helping me to understand more intuitively how an algorithm works.


I recently discovered RegExr as I was learning how to use regular expressions in Python. You can check out my notes (iPython notebook) on Regular Expressions here. You can edit the text, adjust the regular expression and see the results update in real-time. Additionally, everything that that the RegEx captures is annotated and shows you which part of the RegEx selected a specific characters.

Let me if you’ve enjoyed these two websites or if you have another go-to site for Data Structures, Algorithms and Regular Expressions.

This post was originally published on Black Tech Diva.

This article was published on November 27, 2016.

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